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    Here’s our top tips to help you protect your home from damage:
    1.​​​​​​​ Walk around your house and garden and look for any obvious things that may be vulnerable to high winds or heavy rain.
    2. Make sure garden items that could potentially blow over or into your property, such as flowerpots and patio heaters, are locked away in your garden shed or garage. Larger items such as trampolines and garden furniture should be dismantled and safely stored inside.
    3. Move your car away from areas of potential damage if you can. For example, put it in your garage if you have one.
    4. Secure any loose fencing.
    5. Securely lock all external doors.
    6. If you need to evacuate your home, take any valuable items with you or lock them in a secure place. Make sure to lock all your doors and windows.
    These tips can help secure your home against future weather events:

    7. The roof is the most vulnerable part of your home when a storm hits. If you suspect there may be a problem with it, see if a local builder is able to carry out any remedial work to secure it quickly.
    8. Make sure your drains and gutters are clear to prevent blockages.
    9. Cut back trees to minimise the risk of falling branches and debris.
    10. Use a sealant to draft-proof windows and doors. These are available at most DIY stores and can be easily removed when the storm has passed.

    Need to make a claim?

    All Tesco Home Insurance policies cover you for damage caused by storms. However, any damage to gates, fences or hedges are specifically excluded. Any damage caused by wear and tear is also not covered.

    You can save the claims number to your phone in case an emergency occurs.

    If your property is unsafe following storm damage you should arrange emergency repairs to mitigate further damage or harm.

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