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    Today when I first tried to log on I noticed that the picture and security phrase that I created when I first registered with tesco online banking had disappeared.Because we are always told to notice any changes on the website in case of security issues, I decided to phone and ask if I had any security problems. I was told that it was OK to go ahead as it was a new initiative to see if people found it simpler and easier to use the log in page without the picture and phrase. I do think that it would have been a good idea to notify Bank current account users that changes were being made. As it was, I was worried that my account had been hacked and I did not log in until I had phoned the bank and they confirmed that it was safe to log in.
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    I'm really sorry the removal of the security phrase and image worried you, although I am happy to hear you were on the ball and called us before continuing to log in. I understand you think it would've been best we warned customers of the removal, however, we decided against informing customers as it would help us better test the removal of the image and phrase

    At the moment we are piloting the removal of the image and phrase due to customer feedback as testing indicated some customers did not understand the use of this and didn't really notice it, in its current form. It will be returning to your Online Banking on 23rd May and we will make a decision based on the pilot as to the next steps. Again, I'm really sorry for any confusion or worry this may have caused.

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    I completely agree Yorkslass. I just completely panicked when I realised I'd got through to my account but hadn't seen my security phrase and picture. I thought 'This can't be right, they wouldn't have stopped it without warning us first!' I felt sick with worry and came straight on here to see if anyone else had noticed/commented. Thank goodness you did and that there is an official reply. I might sleep tonight now! Personally I always felt comforted by my security phrase and picture and thought it was a good thing.
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    Thank you for your response; I'll be glad to see the picture and phrase back tomorrow. They provide that extra bit of security, knowing that it was the picture and phrase that I provided not an automatic phrase generated by a computer. .
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    What happened to the Security image & phrase promised to return on the 23rd May ?
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    Hi , over the past two weeks we have been piloting the removal of the familiar imagine and phrase as part of the login to Online Banking. The pilot is proving insightful and indicates customers don’t always notice it when logging in. Whilst we’re working towards a suitable replacement for this feature we will be extending the pilot for a further two weeks, until 6th June, to allow us to gauge a better understanding of its usefulness to our customers.

    We are sorry for any confusion removing this feature may have caused and that you were expecting this to revert back to normal yesterday, it has been a recent decision for the pilot to be lengthened.

    I can certainly raise this as feedback for you if you're able to send me a private message including your name, DOB and postcode. Please enter your DOB and postcode as capitals, leaving a space between each letter e.g G 2 3 A X.
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    I too panicked when I saw that the image and phrase were missing. How can reducing security ever be a good thing in the context of internet banking? I am interested to know how you are gathering data about users' reactions. How are you counting people who Google the problem, see that it has been discussed and decide that it is OK without actually contacting Tesco?