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    On my credit card I transferred cash to my current account elsewhere, but somehow I put in one digit incorrect into the sort code.I have been on the credit card helpline to a person I had real trouble hearing and understanding what they were saying, in the end they were of no help what so ever, is there a English speaking phone number or email contact address that I can get this transaction reversed or stopped? Why do Banks employ people in countries that have trouble in both speaking and understanding the English language, it only causes problems and makes you want to move to an alternative bank with a English based call centre.
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    Hi ,

    Have you managed to get the Money Transfer issue sorted and into the correct account?

    We do try and speak as clear as possible so our customers can hear and understand us, and I'm very sorry this was not the case when you called in. Please can you send a private message with your DOB (spaced like this example 22 / 11 / 1234) and postcode so I can ensure feedback is given to the adviser and help improve the service going forward.

    Thanks - Stephen
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    I've had trouble hearing customer services people, and when they have accents, they seem to talk extra quickly too, leaving you more frustrated than when you started. I think it's about time either a "Live chat line" or email address were offered as a customer services option, but after my recent experiences, I think the reason this is not offered, is that there will be proof of the terrible customer service we've received. I have problems with my hearing, so it's extra difficult. I wonder how on earth the poor deaf people are able to deal with problems!
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    I think most of the call centre staff are based in Scotland and my experience has been positive. I agree a live chat or email option would be useful. With other banks there are secure email routes accessed when logged in to your account which would be very useful. In the meantime, if you have trouble understanding what is being said, I would ask to be called back by someone else.
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    The first conversation I had with the call centre, was very clear, he had a lovely scottish accent, and when I mentioned I was a little hard of hearing he made a special effort to be clear and helpful, but another call centre member at Tesco, when I explained I was again having the same problem, he was not so clear, and seemed unable to help me at all, I came off the phone feeling more confused than when I started! And I still cannot log into my account, even though I tap in the mobile phone one time security number they send me, and my password. I Then just keep getting the same message that they don't recognise my laptop, even though with help from the first call centre member last week, I managed to log in and agreed they should recognise this laptop, but obviously it hasn't.When making the comment about call centre's, I was refering to call centre's in general, not just Tesco's, that why I think it's so important for online services, to have online customer service to deal with problems, it would certainly help a great many very frustrated people!