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    Why is it so difficult to talk to someone directly over the phone, without running through endless hoops and recorded messages that don't actually deal with the enquiry or issues that I have.


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    I want help in getting my credit card replaced. It does work anymore when I try contactless and so I have to keep entering the PIN even on small purchases

    Also I can't stand that Strawberry design on my card. It was originally sent to me my mistake when I first took out the card and every time the card comes up for renewal and I request a new design, I still get sent the Strawberry design again. How to I go about getting someone at Tesco's bank to listen and change it?
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    Hi @Mills12345, when you call us, you can press option 2 to enter your card details then option 0 to get through to an advisor. Alternatively, you can order a new card by logging into online banking and clicking 'Your card'.

    The strawberry design has been replaced by a universal dark blue design, similar to the Clubcard design, so if you order a new card you will receive this. I hope this helps!