Unhappy with loss of transaction details online

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    Some time ago (maybe > 1 year) in the online banking for my Tesco credit card (and maybe the app?) I could see the details of foreign transactions (foreign currency amount and exchange rate) for each transaction but now the detail only shows the dates, the UK amount and the vendor name.

    I know the details I need will show up on the statements but I need to see the foreign amount and/or exchange rate ASAP so I can fill in expense claims for my employer and I don't want to wait over a month before I can claim the thousands I am owed.

    Please can I have the full details of transactions in the online banking like I used to. Otherwise I will have to find/use another credit card.
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    @cglensmith Unfortunately this isn't in the pipeline to be reintroduced. However, I will pass on your comments as feedback. I appreciate that this may not have been the answer that you hoped for.
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    Not even close to the answer anyone would have hoped for I expect. How can this information have been deprecated from the online and app transaction views? The data is all there (it ends up on the statement after all!) to show it on the click through screen for a transaction. Please reconsider, even take a vote in the community to gauge the value to the customer?
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    @Nod_356s Hi there, thanks for bringing this to our attention again. We continually reflect on the views of our customers so I am happy to pass this feedback on. In the meantime if you require that information, I would like to remind you that it is visible on monthly statement documents or can be provided over the phone by one of our colleauges.

    Sorry for any inconvenience the change has caused you.