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    I applied for a balance transfer credit card yesterday and was accepted.
    Why haven’t I received a confirmation email or application download for this?

    ​​​​​​​thanks for your help
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    Hi @Fern
    What happens after you're accepted

    • You’ll receive your card 5 - 7 days after your application is accepted, along with your terms and conditions, a copy of your credit agreement and your welcome booklet, which has lots of information that will help you get started with your new card.
    • Your PIN will be sent separately. It’s normal to get this first.
    • You’ll need to activate your card once you’ve received it before you can start using it.
    • If you requested a balance transfer during your application, you'll need to activate your card within 60 days in order for this to be processed.
    • If there are additional card holders on the account, activating your primary card will also activate their cards.

    Hope this helps!!

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    Hey @Fern, we don't send email confirmations for new applications. If you have been fully accepted, the information given by @25H above is all correct.

    Thanks for your help once again, Caz @25H 😃