Design of replacement credit card

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    Having previously held the 'strawberry' credit card, couldn't believe how awful and tacky the blue replacement looks! Like many others who have posted, I hate it.

    Just went to use it in Tesco's and whereas the old card really stood out and was easy to identify, I struggled to find this blue one. Made me think about ditching it much like other posts too! Not great branding on Tesco's behalf.

    Also reading another post about the white coating coming off on the numbers, expiry date etc - thought I'd check mine and they're right it, it's already coming away and only received this week. Definitely a fab design, not ..
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    Hi @Shirls, thanks for getting in touch. The card design was changed to be more in line with the Tesco brand. I'm sorry that you feel this is a downgrade from the previous design. At the moment we don't currently offer any other card designs but I've passed on your comments as feedback to the relevant team today.