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    I made an application and it was referred however I did not get an email confirmation. Should I have received an email regarding my application ?
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    Hi @kirstensav

    Tesco Bank do not send out an email confirmation.

    If your application is referred it means that the credit card provider needs more information before a decision is made about whether or not to accept your application. This could be because your application wasn't fully completed, or it could mean that there's not enough information on your credit history. If this happens, your application will go into a referral queue and the credit card provider will most likely be in touch to get more information before making a decision.

    I've applied for a Tesco Bank Credit Card - what happens next?

    If you’re automatically accepted
    If you're automatically accepted when you apply for your card, we'll tell you straight away.

    If you’re referred

    If we need make some further checks before making a decision on your application, we’ll get in touch within 5 days to let you know what we need.

    If you're declined

    If we're unable to offer you a credit card, we'll normally let you know the reason why as soon as we've processed your application.
    What happens after you're accepted

    • You’ll receive your card 5 - 7 days after your application is accepted, along with your terms and conditions, a copy of your credit agreement and your welcome booklet, which has lots of information that will help you get started with your new card.
    • Your PIN will be sent separately. It’s normal to get this first.
    • You’ll need to activate your card once you’ve received it before you can start using it.
    • If you requested a balance transfer during your application, you'll need to activate your card within 60 days in order for this to be processed.
    • If there are additional card holders on the account, activating your primary card will also activate their cards.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H