Overly Prescriptive Rejection of online transactions

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    I have found that I am getting online transactions rejected. I then get 2 text messages to which I have to reply 'Y' to one of them before I then try the transaction again. When I retry the transaction, I then have to go into the app and authorise it, usually AFTER typing in all the card details again.
    The is a total pain in the backside and often I am renewing a transaction from around the same time and amount as last year - EG renewal of insurance etc. Surely the system can do this basic check before refusing a transaction. OK to force me to check with the app on my phone but not refuse it point blank.

    It's positively putting me off doing online transactions. Surely it keeps everyone's costs down going online and not having people, but I'm finding its better to call in that to try and do it online. Its usually quicker!

    I do want my card protected and I don't want fraud but the system has access to my records it ought to be a better experience than it is.
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    Hey @PedalBoy, I'm sorry to hear this. The text message you have to reply 'Y/N' to is an automatic anti-fraud measure that shouldn't be happening for every transaction. The app authentication of online transactions is due to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations. Again, this shouldn't be required for every online transaction.
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    Thanks Joe C but you missed the point.
    You are right its not every transaction being rejected or forcing the stronger authentication. My point was why bother to reject a transaction, when you have the strong authentication via the app??? Using the app means you are talking to the user. by blowing out the transaction straight away then the user has to renter all the details into the web page/company they were trying to use. ALSO it was a UK company that I had used before for approx the same value and at the same time of the year within 2 days. Given that, its pretty likely I was the users attempting to carry out the transaction. Hence my subject heading of overly prescriptive rejections. I am completely happy to authorise larger amounts via the app - no question. its the backward usability of simply declining a transaction when a better route is available.

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    PS can Tesco make the spell checker in this web form UK English. More lazy coding........