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    Eagle eye
    Previously, I preferred pushing money in from my current account because it arrived a lot faster on my card, and it also didn't give Tesco the authority to "snoop" about in my current account.

    Today I have used the Top Up function from the app for the first time in several months. And I am most impressed! The connection to my Santander current account took seconds, the authorisation was near instant, but best of all, in the 2 seconds it took to get back from my Santander to my Tesco app, my money was sitting in my Clubcard Pay account, ready to be spent 😎. As an added bonus, there is now no residual authorisation for Tesco recorded in my Santander account. So I am happy all round 😃

    Way to go Tesco, this is a great improvement to how it used to work, and definitely now my preferred method for topping up.

    NB. I am on an iPhone 13, am connected via my home WiFi, and use FaceID for logging into my accounts.
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    Hey @lion, thanks for the great feedback! I'm glad the Top Up function is working well for you and that you appreciate the secure nature of this kind of transaction. I'll definitely get your comments passed on. Take care! 😃