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    Hi i dont know if there are others like me who after a years problems with a sale from Amazon before igot my money back will NEVER use Amazon again so we a disadvantaged with this offer Do you not have an alternative for folk like me
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    @Veronica2 Hey, what happened with Amazon? I've not had any problems with them personally (I'm actually waiting a delivery from them just now lol)

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    @Veronica2 I bought a greenhouse from them and it was a German make
    when it came the box was broken and parts missing and no instructions I phoned their customer service and they said to send it back to the supplier In Germany???? we are an elderly couple and this was impossible and would have cost a fortune I spent a whole year haggling with their customer service who were intractable about returning this huge parcel and then after a year when i then had another hassle with my credit card company i finally received a refund from Amazon and from the credit card company At my age this caused no end of stress and inconvenience as this huge parcel took up a lot of room in my shed and we had to finally dispose of it. I will NEVER again use Amazon so am disadvantaged with this offer of 1000 points for Amazon useage which i find impossible to use However i also changed that credit card to Tesco credit card and have had no problems whatsoever since i got this over a year ago