Can't use card at tesco.

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    I followed the instructions in the email with a promise of a £25 voucher which I haven't seen, and not confident of seeing. I transferred £50 into my cards account......and that's where it is now. Nobody in tescos know about the card. It says scan your barcode. It doesn't work contactless and inserting it requires a pin number I haven't received. None of the staff know about the card. Luckily I had my pay+ app, which I used, but this took the money directly out of my credit card. Not happy.
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    Hi @LeeDsu1919, sorry to hear this. Your Tesco digital gift card will be sent to you via email within 30 days of your accepted application. Please also check your junk/spam folder in case the email arrives there.

    You should have received your PIN before the card arrived, so I'm sorry if you didn't receive this. You can request a PIN reminder via the Mobile App by tapping onto your Clubcard Pay+ account then selecting 'Account management' > 'Request PIN reminder'. The PIN reminder will arrive by post within 5 working days. You'll also need to have activated the card via the Mobile App before you can use it.