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    I have just had to open a new Internet Saver acct. as the interest rate on my present one has dropped to half of what new customers are being offered (!) The webpage said that I can pay into my new account from any other account I hold with Tesco bank. However when I began filling in the application form, I could not see this option - instead I was offered only the options of paying in by cheque or by bank transfer (from another bank). Please advise what I need to do to make an internal bank transfer from my current Tesco internet saver acct to the new one I have just opened. Thanks.
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    Hey @SUBIRSARKAR, please select bank transfer for now. Once the account is open and on your online banking, you can move money from your old account to this one.
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    Unfortunately the increased interest rates on the Internet Saver accounts are not updated which means continually checking the rates & continually opening another account to obtain the higher rate. It's such a waste of time & I'm losing patience as the Internet Saver I opened on 10 June 2022 at 1.26% is now on 14 July 1.38%, so now I have to open another account!!
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    @LynnW I'm sorry about this. We regularly change the rates on our Savings accounts, but this doesn't normally happen monthly so you should be able to keep your funds in one account for a while at least now.