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    I always have problems accessing my on-line account when I'm abroad. The 1 time passcodes never arrive by text and I'm unable to set up the Tesco app on my phone as this also requires a passcode by text.

    I have been using the same personal Mac to access my account for years and as I understand the reason for the 1 time passcode is because the system doesn't recognise the computer I'm using.

    ​​​​​​​To further piss me off is that I will still get charged for the texts.
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    Hi @sara29a, sorry to hear about that. You will receive a message on screen advising your computer is unrecognised from time to time and this is due to the cookies being cleared from your web browser; this is how we recognise a customer’s device. Normally when this message pops up you should be able to continue your log in by requesting a One Time Access Code to your mobile phone or landline. Have you tried turning your phone off and back on to see if these text come through?