Tesco changing interest rates - but no communication!

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    Just looking
    Still no change in procedure since your last post.
    like you, I get all the paper and leaflets every time I close and open a new account to benefit from the interest rises (3 in less than a month).
    Marcus bank interest rate is currently higher AND they contact you to advise you of rate changes before automatically applying them.
    Let’s just hope that everyone at least recycles all the bumph that Tesco insists on sending out.
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    @rosie44 Tesco Bank [aka RSB] seem wedded to paper! It recently took almost a month to complete an ISA transfer from another bank partly because the process to clarify a muddle [caused by their staff], is to send me a letter. Turns out they are not allowed to email me!!! I negotiated the interest being backdated but still veryfrustrating. I only stick with them becasue when you do call up, you get nice helpful people but I can only make those calls because I have an unlimited minutes mobile contract.
    ps For anyone interested, I did eventually get a response to my original complaint but it didnt really get me anywhere. Because the accounts generally are bonus based, it seems it is necessary to apply for a new a/c each time with a new bonus.