What is the most elite meal deal?

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    Beyond ham and cheese, salt and vinegar crisps and a bottle of pop, meal deal culture has transformed how we have lunch.

    What is your approach to the meal deal? Do you change it up every time, or are you a routine connoisseur of your £3 regular?

    Are you an economic voyeur? Does value matter to you, finding chemistry based on the perceived RRP of each item? A smoothie over a sports drink, a bougie wrap over a stellar sandwich, a pot of olives over a crispolar? Or, does price matter when the total with your clubcard is 300 pennies every single time.

    Do calories and protein matter? Are you one of those people leaving tesco while opening a pot of boiled eggs, you danger to society! Or, do you go low?! Are you scanning the nutrition information to find the most low calorie items available to make your meal deal hit different?

    Let’s share what our favourite meal deals are! I’ll start: Ploughman’s main, apple and grape side, and bottle of lucozade sport to boot! And, what about you?
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    @CautiousJim Hey! I would have replied to this sooner but I was off on annual leave. I would like to think that once I was the king of meal deals, researching the best value I could get from anywhere but in recent years I've been working from home.. so I am a bit rusty!!

    First and foremost... anyone who is not trying to get the best value (highest price item for the cheapest price) is doing it wrong. A former co-worker and myself regularly challenged our self to get the highest priced items as cheap as possible. We even showed our receipts as evidence 😂

    I have to say that Boots or the Coop has always given me the best value, I remember getting a meal deal of a Hoisin duck wrap. Sushi, Walkers Max and a Innocent smoothie all for £4 (they had a 4 item for £4 deal). This had a value of over £9 when bought as individual items!!

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    here is me being the King of Meal Deals :)
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    Hi @CautiousJim

    Its not that often I have the meal deals, however when I do I like to have the triple sandwiches as the main (50% more) along with sometimes a savoury snack / sometimes a sweet snack depending on my mood and either a smoothie or a lucozade. The best place I find is Boots, there's usually a good choice, sometimes too much haha.
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    @25H i see your thinking there! I agree too, Boots have a stellar range. They also do have 50p reduced sandwiches once a week which I find myself all too weak too when I see them.