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    Hello! I’ve got a payment coming into my account shortly from Ryanair - 6 of us were due to fly to Spain on Thursday but flight got cancelled an hour before we were due to board!! I paid for the flights on my credit card so the money will go back onto it. Is there a way I can withdraw the money and not be charged so I can give my friends their share back?
    many thanks
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    Hi @Marielm

    I'm sorry to hear your flight to Spain got cancelled at the last minute.

    If you have a credit balance on your account, you can request a refund for your exact credit balance on your account as a money transfer. You can do this through online banking or the mobile app.

    Please note, you can only request a money transfer to move the amount of funds you are in credit by and not the amount refunded to you by the merchant.
    For example, if you received a refund of £300 yet are in credit of £200(showing as -£200), please only transfer the £200.

    Alternatively you can get your credit balance refunded by calling Customer Services on 0345 300 4278.

    Sometimes when this type of refund is processed you may incur a money transfer fee in error. If this happens, please allow 7 - 10 working days and we'll refund this fee automatically.

    Hope this helps!!! Caz @25H