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    Can you use Tesco club card plus account as a normal bank account . Like have your salery paid into the account via your employer?
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    @Ron2022 This account is not intended to be used like Current Account so is not suitable for that.
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    @Ron2022 will it still improve your credit score by using it?
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    @Ron2022 I can't see how it would as its more of a shopping and savings card where the money is reliant on how much you contribute rather than how is paid to you from an external source.
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    Can you have dwp payments paid to club card plus ACC?
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    Hi @Ohagankieran321, thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid you cannot have DWP payments paid directly into your Clubcard Plus account - Kevin
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    Hang on. Its a Bank card.
    Tesco Bank.
    I didn't assume there were restrictions on how to use it, when I opened this account.
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    You can find more information about the account here: Terms and Conditions - Clubcard Pay+ - Tesco Bank @Gerrymoondog

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    It's got a sort code and account number so you can have anything wages or dwp payments paid in the only thing different from others is no overdraft so who ever said it can nkt be used for thst then am sorry but I belive you should read up the terms and conditions of the account.
    It's excually the same as a normal account without some features I have my card on Google pay and have contacless and a pin number and you have faster payment paid in and transfer monet in and out so no reason why not what so ever.

    And sorry I can not remember the person's name who said its not intended for thst..

    What's it intended for then as you have a account plus a pot that spare change goes on like monzo do

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    Also it states ITS NOT INTENDED that means it can be used otherwise it would say WE WON'T ACCEPT BACS PAYMENTS.

    Also I have thought to myself that why such a heat fee a month if there are certain features you can not us.

    What's the charge for as its a basic bank account and you don't have insurance or items other bank charges you a fee for so really it's not a basic account

    And I don't really shop in tesco tbh so never used it to buy shopping but I have 2 contracts with tesco mobile so I get my club card points from that..

    What is my Clubcard Pay+ account

    Your Clubcard Pay+ account is a personal bank account for making everyday payments and
    withdrawing cash (SO A NORMAL ACCOUNT)
    . It comes with a debit card with contactless functionality.
    There is no overdraft
    facility provided with Clubcard Pay+.
    Your Round Up account is a savings account provided with your Clubcard Pay+ accounts but you never have to use the round up account if you don't want to

    So this has me thinking a lot as what am I getting out of tesco bank for the monthly price I pay?????

    Most banks now you can go the post office and put money into the account TESCO doesn't have the feature to do this so am paying 7 pounds for a basic account Hummmm🤔☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    @KellyT doesn't tell you much apart from what most people know anyway

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    @Gerrymoondogjist replied to you

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    @KevinCcan I ask a question

    Have you tried.
    You only have to give them the sort code and account number and your wages or DWP payment will go in by bacs
    So am a bit confused as to were the information canes from as I stated ITS NOT INTENDED
    . So what's the word INTENDED naen in your eyes

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    @RossMwhy is is not suitable for that

    Sutible as in what way your paying a fee each month you have a sort code account number so no reason why you can not give the sort code and account number and there's not much tesco can do about it so what we paying the 6 pounds a month for....

    Very strange answer

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    @Gerrymoondogjist restrictions at all in the terms and conditions all it says is

    Not intended so intended can mean lots of things it doesn't say no and doesn't say yes