GooglePay: Yay! But wait, the card in the Google Wallet doesn't act like a clubcard.

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    EDIT - I should have looked at the TescoBank website first... there is a paragraph on there that says:

    "Get rewarded with Clubcard PointsIf you’re using Google Pay in a Tesco Store, tap your physical Tesco Bank Credit Card before you pay to benefit from Clubcard Prices and collect your Clubcard Points."

    What is the point in having Google Pay, if I'm expected to have my physical card on me to get the points/savings? If I've already got my physical card in my hand, hovering over the card reader, why would I then get my phone out to use Google Pay? This is actually laughable!!

    When I use my physical Tesco Bank Credit Card in Tesco, I usually end up tapping it twice - the first tap acts like the clubcard, so any clubcard prices / savings are calculated, and then the new (lower) amount is displayed on the card reader. A second tap allows me to pay the new price with my credit card.

    However, when I pay using the Google Wallet version of my credit card, it no longer allows me to tap twice - when I tap, I simply pay and the transaction is over, so I have missed out on any clubcard prices / savings. I was told by the staff member at the till that I could just bring my clubcard back later, with the receipt, and claim back the savings. Later when I did just that, the store manager said that is not the policy, as the promotions will change over time, and they can't retroactively make refunds. I am getting a little off topic...

    Suffice to say, is everyone else experiencing the same thing with the Google Wallet version of their card, i.e. they cannot use it like a clubcard? I know I can scan the QR code on my clubcard app as the simple workaround, but it would be nice not to need 2 different apps to pay, and it would be great if all the features of the physical card were ported over to the non-physical card in the Google Wallet.

    I was excited that Tesco finally sorted out support for Android users on Google Wallet, but if the clubcard feature of the physical card is missing, then it seems like a pretty disappointing effort. Not sure if this is a bug or a technical impossibility, but either way, it would have been good to have some comms about it, rather than having to discover the issue myself.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    Hi @AdamW86, I'll make sure all your feedback surrounding Google Pay is passed back to our team today. We take all customer feedback and comments on board in the hope that we can use this to improve our services and make things a little easier in the future. As you've mentioned, you can use the QR code in the Clubcard app to pick up your points on your mobile device but it would still need to be scanned separately from Google Pay itself.

    Alternatively, you can add your payment card to the Tesco Pay+ app to make payment in Tesco stores (this means a single tap would pick up your points, Clubcard discount and make payment). Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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