Like many of you I received an email from Tesco telling me their Clubcard Reward Partner scheme is changing and not for the better!!

From 14 June 2023 when you exchange your Clubcard vouchers for a Reward Partner code, they will now be worth up to 2x as much and not up to 3x the value, as they are now.
I remember when they were 4x!!

I'm really disappointed that Tesco have taken this step when many people use the scheme to provide extras they otherwise could not afford. As from 14th June I will need 50% more points to get the partner voucher. e.g. £10 x 3 gives £30 towards a voucher will change to £15 x 2 to give me the same £30. it feels like Tesco are penny pinching and trimming the customer while stating that it is still a good scheme. Seems like they're not going to be as much giving from Tesco.

What can you do?
Well if you have points Tesco say they'll give you extra time to decide when to use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers with Reward Partners and are extending the validity period on Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner codes ordered until 13 June so that they’re valid for 12 months, rather than the usual 6 months.