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    I realise that fraud is a serious concern but is it really necessary to keep asking me to authorise payments for my groceries when using Every other time recently when I place my order (something I've been doing for many years once week) I have to go and fetch my mobile phone to authorise it.

    Quite honestly I'm getting fed up of it. I've done a test with my Barclaycard and even though I've never used it on (or at least not for many, many years) the payment went through without comment.

    What makes you so special? Online shopping is supposed to be simple and easy. I'm not supposed to have to go upstairs, dig my phone out of my jacket pocket, log onto your app then come all the way back downstairs just to order something.

    If your antifraud systems can't recognise a weekly shop for groceries then frankly you don't stand a chance of preventing fraud.
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    Hi @Andrue, as a result of Strong Customer Authentication, you may be asked to verify your identity more frequently when making a purchase on-line. In general, if you have the latest version of the mobile app installed on your device then we would send a push notification there to allow you in authenticate the purchase. If you don't have the mobile app, then we'll send a one-time passcode to your registered mobile phone by SMS. We wouldn't be able to turn off this feature on your account as it's intended to protect against fraud. You can find come more information about this here: Tesco Bank Secure - Security & Fraud - Tesco Bank I'm sorry if this has caused any inconvenience, and I'll pass on your feedback.

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    I agree with the comments about the ridiculous frequency of verification when using the credit card and the reply is the usual cut and paste answer that this forum is full of.
    when making a payment online I have to authorise it with the app, fair enough. As soon as I have done so the app then requires me to renter the password or use Face ID. Very poor system, provides me with no faith in the apps security.