Locked out from Online Banking - here's what to do

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    Good evening Are you able to get into your online banking now?Have you been unlocked?If so and all is good please 'Accept as Solution' for me to close down.Have alovely weekend.Caz,
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    Here’s a copy of my response to your request in July, if you’re all sorted now please advise, regards, Chris
    That's easily taken care of !
    Please send Tesco Bank a 'Private Message' to request " Unlock Online Insurance Account".
    1. Click on this link and it will take you to a page, 'About Tesco Bank'.
    2. In the top right of the page click onto 'Send a Message'.
    3. A new page will open up, 'Create New Message'.
    4, Complete it and send your message securely.
    5. Please include your email address, full name, date of birth and postcode.
    6. You will receive a reply to confirm that your Insurance Account is unlocked !
    Problem Solved, Best Wishes,
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    Totally locked out.

    I tried to register but fail to get past the security I can't complete registration as I don't have a security number. They say sending me a text, but I never receive it, so I'm stuffed. My mobile account doesn't block text/sms messages, so I can only guess it is being sent to a wrong number.

    So yet again I went through the hassle of trying to contact telephone support USELESS, Hanging on for ages, gave up many times having hung on for 20 minutes on occasions, this is totally unacceptable.

    I eventually got through and explained the problem of not having a temp security code. The said they would send one it should take 2-6 days. Well 12 days after the date on the reply I received it with the 6 digit code (valid for 30 days).

    So I tried to register again and guess what, unrecognised security code so that failed.

    Months after all of this I'm seriously considering just cutting up the card and abandoning the whole process. I'm sick and tired of the our operators are very busy and will get to you as soon as possible message.

    This has been going on for months (when I applied for a credit card) so why haven't you done something about these unacceptable delays or introduced some other communication method.

    Very Disappointed, I could have walked to Glasgow in less time!
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    @Dwr3420 I'm sorry that this is the experience you've had. My colleague was correct to send you a TSN in the post and this should have worked unless another TSN was requested by text or post after this was sent to you. Please click here to send us a private message to @Tesco-Bank and we can send you another TSN to try this again. Apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused.
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    Hi, after several calls and being transferred from department to department all morning.
    I have a loan account, all details checked with representatives over the phone.
    basically i cannot register >> my details are not recognised
    On the Tesco bank app, my name , DOB, postcode recognised to show me the username so i am registered

    Looping non stop as soon as i enter my username , next step to verify myself, simple information , still not being recognised .

    i have worked in IT security 16years, its not user issue, there is something in the background on the system which will not allow me to move forward.

    Tried so many browsers , reset and 5 different computers.

    My details are not being recognised at all.

    lady on the phone set they unlocked the account given temporary security number, told will last 30 days. revived SMS.
    As soon as i enter my username , got to enter all details (First and last names, DOB. postcode, sort code and account number after choosing 'loan 'from the drop down list) again to verify myself. just keeps looping.

    I need my account fully reset or something to remove the loop.

    Even if try to request an early settlement figure simple details required, on a different link , my details are not being recognised .All details triple checked over the phone with the lady.

    I am not making the 10th call back to customer services. Spend half a day.

    the mobile app keeps directing me to update my details one the website.

    nothing is working - need help
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    Hi @Ameross, I've replied to your private message now :)

    Sign up for our Beta here

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

    Also, feel free to Introduce Yourself and have fun in Off-topic too!

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    @JamieJ I have found card can you unblock me?
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    nope, ive been trying to get into my account from September and still cannot get in, keeps coming back with error check numbers, the numbers are fine changed each time for new one's the error is always check numbers.
    It's doing my head in now
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    Hi @Rustynail, please send us over a private message to @Tesco-Bank and we'll be able to investigate this.