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    how do i find out the terms of my credit card .i know i got interest free balance transfer but dunno how many month. think its 18 month or 24 month dunno whichdid i get interst free purchases? if so for how long i really want written confirmation of both the above. cos basically my memory emmmm whats the word ? emmm oh yea ooopz what was i saying? oh you may now guess my memory sux and whats customer service email?tesco wanted my email before i could register for credit card . the OL community wanted it as well. so why cant i find any email address for customer service.
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    Hi this information should have been sent to you when you opened your account. I'm sorry if you didn't receive these. I've attached a link to the terms and conditions here. If you're able to send a private message to us at @Tesco-Bank with your full name, date of birth and postcode please we can get that information regarding your offer for you? Please leave a space between each character when confirming your personal details eg, A B 1 2 C D.

    We don't use email as a method of communication for accounts as it's not secure. If you're looking to discuss your account with someone then our customer service team can be contacted on 0345 300 4278 :smileyhappy: - Eileen
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    aint a clue how to send private message, could you please give me a full step by step instruction on how to send one
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    duh silly me , i forgot to look "message" tab . thanx for info
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    im guessing you misused the "@" symbol as gave no matches, but Tesco-Bank did have a match

    saying - send a message to us at means the @ symbol is part of the name/id

    you dont use the word and the symbol for "at" unless the symbol is part of id

    should be - send a message to us at Tesco-Bank
    or - send a message to us @ Tesco-Bank (with a space atfer @)
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    also telling me to leave a space between each character when confirming my details meant "sensitive data" was NOT removed. i know this as i put ALL my details in the normal usual way and the way you said. on checking the sent message i find DOB has "sensitive info removed" when using no spacesBUT using your way of leaving spaces the DOB is not removed. IN FUTURE BE MORE SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT YOU MEAN.I AM FURIOUS THAT THE WAY YOU TELL ME TO SEND MY DETAILS LEADS TO A SERIOUS SECURITY BREACH and you got the audacity to say emails are not secure !!!! SO IN GIVING INFO YOUR SCORE IS 0 / 2 not very good for a so-called expert
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    Hi @mikcav

    Thanks for sending your details and I've responded to your private message.

    I'm sorry that you're unhappy about the way we request your information, but it's the only way we can locate and access your account when you contact us via The Community or social media. If you ever feel uncomfortable sending us these details, you can still call our centre on 0345 300 4278, available 24/7, and my colleagues will also be able to assist.
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    I'm glad you've finally managed to get in touch with us and provide the details we need to access your account.

    I just wanted to clarify for you, and everyone else, the reason we ask you to put spaces between this personal information is so the system does not automatically remove the detail.

    The reason the system is set up to remove the detail is to stop people posting personal details in the public forum where anyone, eg a fraudster, could get it.

    The system will also remove it when sending via private messgae - which is why we ask you to put spaces between the info.

    It's secure to send us this info via private message.

    Sorry for the confusion, Jamie.
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    Tesco-Bank got no matches when I tried ?