Insurance windscreen replacement : feedback.

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    This is feedback.

    My experience of the windscreen service by National Windscreens has been poor.

    My initial appointment was 17 days from when I rang, even the agent I spoke to was surprised, my car isn't unusual so I'm at a loss to explain how a windscreen replacement takes so long.

    On the day I got an email saying I could track my appointment from National windscreens, handy as with a day full of meetings I still didn't have even a morning or afternoon expectation but the link provided didn't recognise my details (the same details in the email they had provided).

    Had 2 attempts at a chat with the vendor, the first timed out as I was too slow typing "when will the man arrive", the second was surprised at how long I had awaited and promised a call back. That call back did happen a couple of hours later and I was told the engineer had just had an accident & I can only hope the affected individual is well but that conversation didn't go in a positive way as I was asked did I actually need to use my car. 17 days conversation repeated. Promised a call back.

    I ended up calling as I had no call backonly to find the local office closed and the main office unable to advise beyond offering an appointment another 12 days on but did promise an urgent call first thing.

    Waited, no call, called and to summarise the day after my missed appointment I ended up making 6 calls and was on hold for over an hour and I know one of the National Windscreens staff said she was on hold for over half an hour trying to get through to their branch.

    Did finally get called back by the branch 21 days after I first called I have a new windscreen. The engineer who came to do the work was a pleasure to deal with.

    @Tesco, the customer service from your 3rd party has been awful and felt like I was having to chase them down, the vendor clearly cannot cater to the volume of calls being put through the Crawley branch.

    In addition I have contacted yourselves a couple of times to see if there was a means of escalation and I had 3 answers (1) no we can't help, (2) you can try the community forum and (3) we'd love your feedback on the community forum & here I am.

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    @TheBalance Hey there, thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear about this experience you've had. This certainly falls below the standards of service we strive to provide. I would suggest that you log an official complaint with National Windscreen so they can investigate the circumstances which caused this situation. I will pass on your comments to the relevant department within Tesco Bank. We really appreciate you getting in touch to provide this feedback. Take care.

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