Updated Credit Card App problems

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    I have a Huawei P10 lite mobile which is locked at Android 8 (US China wars) so when the app was upgraded to require Android 8.1 it ceased to work which was a shame because it was quite useful. However, the real sting is that because I had the app installed before this upgrade Tesco still think I can use it to verify on-line purchases and of course I can't and no other option for verification is offered.
    Upon ringing the help centre as directed and waiting patiently I was told there is nothing that can be done about the problem and I should ring the vendor directly and give them my card details. Seems to me this is a real step backwards in security as that would bypass my two level verification.
    Why can't Tesco accept I can no longer use the app and send me a passcode verification text the same as my wife's phone (joint account) for which she has no problems because she had never installed the app in the first place?
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    I also have the same issue. I have a Samsung A5 at Android 8.0. I didn't get any notification that 8.1 was required but over the last couple of weeks I've had three separate failed payments due to the app just hanging after I enter my passcode. I sent a message to Tesco Bank on 11th May but have not had a response.

    I've now uninstalled the app as this is proving to be a real source of frustration and would rather use a OTP, which is quicker anyway. I missed out on theatre seats I'd selected as they were only held for a few minutes while I was waiting for the app to respond, which it never did.

    I'm all for extra security but if it's impacting payments then they're doing it wrong - backward compatibility is paramount and every major software vendor builds that in, at least for a reasonable amount of time.

    The suggestion of calling a vendor directly is also utter nonsense and a head in the sand approach to an issue that is Tesco Bank's responsibility. The vendor in my latest case was Amazon - there is no way you could talk to anyone on the phone about authorising a payment.

    At the very least they should allow the option of selecting a OTP to be sent at the time of payment, as plenty of other banks do.
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    Morning @ecarter19 and @TomL 😊

    I'm really sorry you're experiencing these problems! I've sent you both a DM to try and get this fixed.