Been waiting for 1.5 hours for an answer

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    Hi Tesco I am posting this hear as you seem to be blatently ignoring all contact via Social Media. I note your Twitter team are active but only responding to tweets about opening new accounts and car insurance renewals - the huge volume of tweets about the fraud are being ignored. I do not think this is satisfactory and I believe your behaviour is inconsistant with that which the Financial Conduct Authority expect of a regulated firm. Having spent most of this morning on hold, the advisor could do nothing other than take my phone number and say someone will call back, but she does not know when. I suggested Tesco should be communicating with customers via:1) an IVR message on the incoming phone line explaining the situation2) the social media channels which are currently ignoring the problem3) the tesco bank website its self4) a follow up text/email saying not to bother calling While I was on hold, I was contacted by a BBC journalist who had seen my posts on social media. I have passed on my thoughts about Tesco and I hope the BBC will publish these. I look forward yo your response.
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    It's on BBC -* removed** Looks like it's removing the link, its under the business news section. I thank everyone here who has helped in understanding the situation and also raising awareness. Tesco customer service has seriously let us down in such a sensitive situation. Unless they provide a very good explanation and adequate compenstation I think I might as well look else where for a bank that'll provide some customer service (as its non-existant with tesco!)
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    There is another thread in the "news" section of this community, started by one of the moderators. Unfortunatly it contains materially incorrect information and they are still avoiding answering any questions or explaining what has happened.
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    There is an updated message when trying to get through on phone to say there has been a data breech by a third party and if we receive a text then our cards have been cancelled and we will get new ones 7-10 working days. Does not help as I have no other way of withdrawing cash.
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    When my debit card was cancelled due to no fault of my own HSBC bank let me withdraw cash from my credit card. They refunded all credit card withdraw charges and also agreed to not charge interest for an extra month.

    If tesco has any value for its customers this is the least they can do.
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    Like many others (now I see) I got a text and an email at 11:30pm last night. I woke up to it this morning and immediately contacted the number they asked me to. I sat waiting for nearly 40 minutes before giving up... I have better things to do on a Sunday morning! I tweeted to complain about how long it was taking to get through - and thought I'd try again later. The specific account they mentioned in the text and email seems to be fine looking at the balances. And I've not tried using the card so far today. I then saw Tesco Bank on BBC News - widespread fraud issue. And followed up on Twitter and on here. I have not been notified that my card has been blocked. I've been sent messages asking me to contact Tesco Bank urgently. I suspect though that my card is blocked. And I also suspect I won't be able to get through to get it sorted?! Is it a data breach?
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    Now had following text
    Yesterday our fraud prevention systems identified suspicious activity on a number of customer accounts including your own. The suspicious transactions relating to these accounts were immediately blocked to protect our customers. We are dealing with this as a matter of urgency but in the meantime the majority of customers can continue to use their cards using chip and pin functionality. Online servicing, telephony banking and the mobile app will continue to work as normal. If you have lost out due to fraud we will refund this transaction. We would recommend reviewing your payments and letting us know of any suspicious activity otherwise there is no need to call us at this stage.

    Does not mention all the worry and time spent trying to get through.
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    Just had the same - not very specific. 'Majority of customers can continue using card with chip + pin functionality'. So guess they've disabled cardholder not present transactions?
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    i had no text or anyother notifiation. im away for weekend,tried to withdraw cashand its blocked. triedto ring, no answer after sanding out in cold high street. good job i dot needt use card for hotl bill, or fuel to get home on monday. im hope a happy bunny, will have to think about moving my account that respond to thier customers.tesco have fai amount of our money, plus usecthere other services, but not sure i can trust them anymore