Suspicious Activity Texts

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    Yesterday evening, we identified some suspicious activity in a small proportion of our customer’s current accounts. We have taken steps to protect these account holders and are contacting affected customers by text message. We can reassure our customers that they will not lose out as a result.

    All of our customers can continue to access their accounts through online banking and can make chip and pin transactions.

    If you are concerned but have not received a text message, please check your account for any unusual transactions. If all transactions are familiar, it is highly likely that you have not been affected. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Now on my second attempt at contact by phone, 10 minutes was unacceptable but this time 54 minutes and counting is a serious failure and almost unbelievable.Attempting to log any sort of complaint is virtually impossible despite the platitudes on the main web site about "making it easy to complain" - there is no easy way is the lines are all busy!Really, really angry about this extremely poor service.
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    I had a text message at 00:21 and an email at the same time that there is suspected fraud on my account. I have not used this card in a card machine or used it online The amount that has disappeared from my account is exactly: £20.63 Called customer support, was on hold for 26 minutes Will phone Monday. Suspect Tesco Bank internal systems have been compromised or account enumeration attack
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    Very angry, suspicious activity text, no answer to phone calls, reply to text ignored. Payment declined my friends abroad think we are a third world country.
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    At least you now acknowledge there is a problem. I followed your instructions and after 3 hours was able to speak to someone... who wasn't able to help and just took my name and phone number for someone to call back. No idea when that will be. Can you confirm you will be automatically re-issuing cards so people don't have to waste any more time on this?
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    Was on hold for over an hour and had to give up, who is going to compensate me for the phone call and the time spent? Nevermind that I couldn't speak to anyone or that I had messages at 1am? Seems like a breach at Tesco!
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    I received a text this morning asking me to contact the tesco fraud unit. After an hour on hold I gave up. I found there are hundreds of online posts about a major fraud event at tesco bank. Why are you not being more pro-active about this and putting messages on your website, twitter account or changing your automated phone message to let people know what's going on. Because of your failure to be open about this, I have moved all of the money in my tesco current account to another bank. It will remain there until you sort this out. If you still want me as a customer please sort this fast and start getting more information out so that customers can understand what's going on. My account balances appear to be as expected at the moment, and no money is missing.
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    What amount has been stolen for everybody? I've seen various tweets saying random amounts like £149, £600 If it is random each time, that would make it easier to hide Have moved my money out of Tesco Bank as a precuation, as stolen money won't become available until it has been cancelled
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    At 4pm yesterday I received both a text and E Mail regarding possible fraud. I have spent hours waiting for a reply on the phone. At one point was answered and promised a call with five hours. This didn't come. Ruined my evening last night and still worried today. I have been on both Twitter and Facebook and got no reply.i am disgusted at the lack of Customer Service. There is no E Mail address and am at a loss as to know what to do next. Help please.
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    Have spent an hour last night - gave up at midnight- and another this morning trying to call as per text, to no avail. While it is commendable that potential fraud was identified, you need to staff call centre adequately so that customers can actually contact you.