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    I booked some accommodation through Vrbo (part of Expedia Group) using my Tesco credit card but the host cancelled on me the night before.

    Vrbo immediately issued a full refund which I have received. When I phoned them they also promised to compensate me up to an additional £220 under their 'Book with Confidence guarantee' to cover alternative accommodation, which was significantly more expensive than my original booking. They confirmed this in an email and also gave me details of how to claim.

    I submitted all the evidence required but it has now been 3 weeks and I have not heard from them. I've chased them multiple times over the phone but they have not been able to give me an update or any timescale to get the compensation.

    I'm now looking to go down other routes - either small claims court or section 75. However I don't think Vrbo have a UK office which makes the court route difficult.

    Is it possible to claim for the promised compensation under s75 even though I've already received a full refund? Any help appreciated.
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    @shelm96 Hey there, thanks for getting in touch. This isn't something you'd be able to dispute through us, I'm afraid, so you will need to take it up directly with Vrbo. I hope you get it all sorted.

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