Apple Pay - Have to swipe my clubcard as well

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    Recently bought a new iPhone and have set up Apple Pay with my card. Reading the FAQs it seems that I need to swipe my clubcard before a transaction to collect points. Is it possible for this to be changed so that using Apple pay collects points in the same way as using the contactless Tesco Creditcard i.e. not needing to swipe my clubcard? Having to swipe my clubcard rather defeats the convenience of using Apple Pay.
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    We don't have any plans to make a change however, I will feed your comments back as we're always looking at ways in which we can improve our service and make things as easy as possible for our customers.
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    If you use your Tesco Bank credit card you'd earn 1 point per £4 of qualifying spend in a Tesco store via Apple Pay. I don't know if you've already downloaded the Tesco Clubcard app for iPhone but if you live inside the M25 (London area), Northern Ireland or Plymouth it's possible to add your Clubcard to the Wallet app. Outside of those areas it's possible to scan your phone's screen whilst the app is open (the app uses Aztec/QR codes) at a manned or self-service checkout. Support for the Wallet app is due to be extended nationwide in a further update. I've recently used the app at the Extra store in Ilkeston on their self-service checkouts but as I now have a staff discount card this is no longer the case for myself. Going on what Ashleigh mentioned in her reply if you use either Facebook or Twitter I'd contact the social media team on either website to log a request. That's something I've done personally. I know Walgreens in the U.S. have enabled the functionality and it'd be great if Tesco could lead the way over here. That and allowing Apple Pay for amounts over £30.