Cash Deposit missing, Direct debits being bounced

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    Had a text yesterday morning to say I didn't have sufficient funds for my payments due out, so I dutifuly took £130 cash in the store and paid it in. No sign of the money, yesterday's and today's bills being bounced (so will be incurring charges at bothe sides, plus negative credit file marks). I have the deposit receipt in front of my. I phoned your customer service at 9.27 this morning, the guy fobbed me off saying it takes 24 hours for funds to show. Caled back at 11:24 (funds were paid in at 11:17 yesterday), still no money. Again was told about the 24 hour thing, although I have the T&Cs in front of me that clearly states cash is available imediately. Customer Service are supposedly going to look into the missing deposit, but in the mean time I'm left with no money and unpaid bills which I'll have to spend a ball load of time sorting out (Virgin Media are an absolute pig to get a DD set up again, and charge you for the privilege of not paying by DD in the mean time). I used to work for one of the big 4 banks, there's no way we'd be allowed to treat customers like this. Absolutely shocking.
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    Hi , I’m really sorry to hear about the delay of your deposit in-store and the issues and charges this has caused as a result. Just to confirm – have the funds now credited your account?
    Please send a private message to with your name, DOB and postcode so I can look into this for you. When formatting this message pleasure leave a space between the characters in your DOB and postcode or the information won’t come through to us.
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    I have the same issue today!! Time and time again i have deposited money at a tesco store and within minutes the cash was in my account...What is tesco hideing??
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    Hi @marcus2k16

    I'm sorry about the delay you experienced with your funds clearing into your account. I can see from your other post that the money cleared the next day.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date and for updating other Community users :-)
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    Well this is very interesting... because I too paid money into my account yesterday and, unlike previous occasions, it didn't go in straight away. In the past, when I've paid in, it's gone in as soon as I've checked which is often as soon as I'm on my way back to my car. I messaged about this yesterday and was asked whether or not the deposit was made by using Chip and Pin or if my card was swiped by the assistant in store. I explained that it was swiped - and I was asked to sign a deposit slip - the same way I have always done it. They advised that the money goes into a holding account first when processed in this way and that it can take up to 24 hours to clear - but that it should be immediate if using Chip and Pin. This was at odds with my previous experience - explained above - and, it seems, the experience of several others looking at recent posts on this thread. For me - there are two things. 1) It looks like this is a recent change given that people who have paid money in before and seen it clear immediately are no longer seeing that. 2) If paying in using Chip and PIN is easier - why on earth are staff not processing deposits in that manner? I have accounts with 2 other high street banks too - paying cash in at either branch the money goes in straight away. It's been around 10 years since it was otherwise the case - when I'd pay cash into NatWest and have to wait until the next day for it to clear! This, combined with Faster Payments basically being unavailable all Saturday evening/night is a poor banking experience!
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    I'm so angry at Tesco Bank right now!

    I paid cash in at the customer services desk after being told it would appear in my account immediately, but it didn't. I checked the terms and conditions of my account and according to them, cash paid in at a store is available immediately.

    I called customer services and they told me that it could take up to 24 hours! If that's the case, then someone must be able to tell me why it takes up to 24 hours?

    If the funds I paid into my account are not available first thing in the morning, then I will be unable to do anything I had planned. I'll be unable to pay for my prescription tomorrow and I won't be eating until the cash appears in my account, so thanks for that's!

    I kept my other current account running to ensure that there would be no issues during the transition from one bank account to another. Therefore, I currently have two current accounts with different banks.

    One of those accounts has a future. The other does not. It all depends on how well you resolve this ridiculous situation for me!
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    Hi StuartZiane, I’m really sorry about this and for the inconvenience it has caused you. Please send a private message to with your name, DOB and postcode so I can look into this for you. When formatting this message please ensure you leave a space between the characters in your DOB and postcode or the information won’t come through to us.
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    Thanks. The deposit did appear in my account within 48 hours, but it's ridiculous that it takes so long in this day and age.
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    I'm glad the money arrived Stuart, but I'm sorry about the delay. I'll make sure to pass on your comments to our Current Account team.