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    My credit card statement is showing payments of £1.00, one to 'Google temporary hold' and the other 'Google Waze Inc.
    The two payments are showing on two consecutive days, i.e. £4.00 deducted in total.

    I found an older thread, April I think but it showed no resolution, any idea's?
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    Hey there! Are you able to confirm if this was just a pending transaction or if you have now been charged for anything from Waze or Google overall?

    Often it can be the case that if you have made a transaction with Google or using Google pay then a £1 debit can be applied as a pending transaction which allows for the company to register your card but you will not be charged as the transaction falls off the account. It would be helpful if you can confirm if the charge has went through and also if you have been using any related Google services.

    Many thanks for getting in touch :)