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    Just a word of warning regarding Tesco/AXA travel insurance.... they could have taken me out for a meal & movie before bending me over.

    We were 5 day's in to our 25 night holiday in Marrakech when the earthquake hit, Marrakech was in ruins & a no go zone while the rescue operation was going on, people sleeping out in the streets because their Riad or homes had collapsed, so these pictures obviously show that the conditions for an enjoyable holiday were acceptable & no need to cut it short to the insurance company.
    My wife was terrified after the quake & our Riad suffered damage but not as bad as others.
    So we still had 3 weeks of the holiday left but we just wanted to get home as really the holiday was finished.
    Booked flight's home & as so many were leaving we couldn't get a flight home for 4 day's..
    Now my insurance won't pay out as there was no foreign office do not travel advice or government putting on flight's to get people out & not the fact our holiday was ruined. Absolutely disgusting, anything to get out of paying, so now were £1300 out of pocket...
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    @Kenmac15 I had to cancel a flight to Uganda due wife’s cancer diagnosis it’s a month now virtually zero communication and no promise of refund due to it being impossible for me to travel sorry to hear your story I am not impressed with AXAs responses
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    @Tudorwelsh316 Sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I went with AXA due to them being a global wide company, so I expected a lot better. Never use them or Tescos for anything like this again
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    Hi @Kenmac15 & @Tudorwelsh316

    Firstly, I'm extremely sorry to hear of both of your circumstances, I hope you are both ok and please pass my regards and well wishes on to your wives.

    I wish there was more that I could do to help you, however, we don't deal with Tesco Travel Insurance on this channel.

    Have you both initiated the complaints process with AXA?

    Please feel free to message me directly if either of you would like to chat.
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    Contact the Guardian Newspaper consumer problem page. It is surprising how quick insurance companies pay up once exposed.