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    Why is the day payment is taken for my credit card balance never the same as what it states on the app or on my statement? For instance, the app/statement is stating minimum payment is due 3rd Dec, but the payment is being taken today - 5 days early! Appreciate there's a weekend in that, but I've had to shuffle funds around today so payment can be taken. If I didn't happen to see the notification today I would have been overdrawn.

    Also, on the subject of the app, it used to state the full amount of £XXXX and then the payment due date and now it only states the minimum amount of £XXXX and payment due date. I always pay off in full, so why has this changed?
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    @treble20 Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    If your direct debit is set up to collect the full balance then we will apply for the funds 5 days in advance.

    Due to a recent change we've made on the mobile app when you log in now the minimum payment information will always be displayed.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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