Replacement credit card and need to change security details

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    I phoned the Tesco support number and reported that my partner had lost her credit card. However, I had forgotten the 6 digit security number I had set up years ago and that number became now become void. I was assured that new cards would be sent and that it was already set up in Apple Pay! I was also told that I could log into Tesco Bank and change the security number there.
    However, I can't log in as my credit card number is not recognised (obviously!). Similarly, I cannot set up the online Banking App (I only have a credit card and car insurance with Tesco). I have trawled the FAQs and the Help links, but to no avail. Can anyone explain how I can login to my credit card account and change the security number? Do I have to wait for the new card with its new number? I have been going round in circles!
    Many thanks.
    Ian Manning
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    @IanManning49 Hey Ian, thanks for getting in touch. I can understand how frustrating this must be. However, you will need to wait on your new card arriving before you can reset the online security.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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