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    I work as a Voluntary Community First Responder with the Scottish Ambulance Service and use my car to attend Training Meetings and to visit patients who have called for an ambulance. I might also carry a colleague with me, while attending calls but would not, normally, carry patients.

    The work is voluntary and I receive no payment, apart from a mileage allowance when I am called out to an incident.

    Will I be covered for this under my Social Domestic and Pleasure car Insurance or do I need additional cover?

    P.S. The medical bag that we carry includes an oxygen cylinder. Are there any issues about having this in the car?
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    @RSRon Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    Provided the role is strictly voluntary then you'll be covered under your existing policy. There are no issues around carrying medical equipment as this should be insured by the Scottish Ambulance Service. However, I'll add a note to your policy to state you will be carrying oxygen bottles.

    If you send a private message, I'll arrange that for you 😊

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