Unable to use my credit card

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    I was contacted a long while ago about paying more on a regular basis. At the time this didn't make sense for me personally and instead I chose to pay a large sum off my account instead. Tesco proceeded to block my card regardless. I now have next to nothing left on my account and despite numerous phone calls and complaints, no one can tell me why my account is blocked or fix the issue.

    The only way to contact the credit card team is by phone, but I keep magically getting disconnected. I've put a complaint in and again heard nothing back.

    I am stuck with a credit limit on my credit report that I can't even use. If this isn't fixed quickly I will be moving to another provider, given that my account is nearly cleared.

    I'm currently paying approximately one third of my balance each month, if this is not a large enough monthly payment then I don't know what is. The customer service I have received has been awful.
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    Hey @gembing, thanks for getting in touch 🙂 I'm sorry to hear you've not had any update on your account or complaint. So we can check this for you, please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank using this link.