Credit Card Bill Calculation

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    I have a Tesco credit card.

    In the past month, I have been billed for a total that's equal to all of my spend, but I also received refunds (shown on the same statement).

    The refunds were not deducted from my total balance due and my direct debit amount was also for the statement amount and not net of any refunds.

    Is this normal?
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    @taket Hey. Thanks for your query.

    To calculate your balance you would have to start with your previous statement balance that shows on your statement. From there add on any transactions and take away any payments/refunds that have been made towards your account. This should give your new balance.

    If you have a full statement direct debit set up any refunds would normally be taken off what we would collect by direct debit. However, this depends when the refunds reach your account. If the refunds come back 3-5 working days before we collect your direct debt the refunds will not be taken off the amount we collect.

    If this still doesn't look right can you please send us a private message here. We can look into this further for you.