Unsolicited Authentication Codes

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    I periodically get sent texts with the message

    “Hello. Your Tesco authentication code is xxxxxx” (random 6 digit code)

    I got 4 of these in the last week.

    The only Tesco product that I have is an insurance product but that has a different mobile number associated with it. The texts I get are always to my work mobile number.

    Now I can only think of 3 reasons:
    1. Someone entered their mobile number incorrectly and randomly put mine in instead
    2. Someone is somehow trying to commit fraud by using my number (but I don’t know how that would help them!)
    3. They are not actually from Tesco. There’s no number associated with the texts to say where they are from, it just says Tesco and clicking on the details just shows it’s a Business Conversation Line.

    I’m not particularly worried by these, they’re just a bit annoying. Is there a way of Tesco checking which accounts have my mobile number associated with them? If it is a genuine mistake by someone they must be very frustrated when they never get the authentication codes sent to their mobile!
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