applied for loan, accepted, then errors

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    Hi all,

    I applied for a loan, was accepted and once I clicked confirmed, it said money would go into my bank however, the wife called me and we got chatting.

    The loan application screen timed out :(

    I tried to re-apply and it said that I could not apply for another loan for 6 months.

    I used my work computer, put all the same info back in and it said I was pre-approved, just someone needs to call me first and talk to me on the phone.

    This isn't an issue obviously, I was just shocked that the page timed-out within a few minutes of being inactive and that there was no way of applying again using the same device (I was on my mobile, hence the wife calling me and getting timed out)

    Anyways, just thought I'd put this in here for in case anyone wants to apply..
    DON'T let the page time out :)
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    Hey @Dynamite, thanks for getting in touch ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm sorry to hear the page timed out. So we can check this for you, please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank using this link.