I have just received an email telling me that the promtional interest rate on my Money Transfer balance on my credit card accounts will be ending and going to that standard card rate.

However, I don't have a money transfer amount but I do have a balance transfer amount.

The promotional rate for the balance transfer is not due to end until late 2025, so I don't even know how that mistake has happened as it obviously hasn't been picked up by a rate ending either..

As an aside... I had a balance transfer with another bank card some years ago and I have just looked back and seen that every month on my statement it showed the reducing balance and importantly the date that rate would expire.

Is it a deliberate policy by Tesco not to remind people when their promotional rate will end and as such not giving customers every opportunity to plan in the best way possible.

I am guessing its not a legal requirement, but it is obviously seen as good practice by many other banks, as I found out by asking other friends in the past too.

Has anyone else received this email in error, and is anyone else frutrated that Tesco dont show the rate ending date too.