Extremely short login period for Tesco Credit card

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    Does anyone know why the Tesco CC website has such an incredibly short login period? I find it infuriating that if I am doing my accounts, switching between an Excel spreadsheet, my bank statements and my Tesco records, I am repeatedly being logged out by Tesco. In the last 30 minutes I have to log back in six different times.

    I am sitting at a standalone laptop, alone and in my house, with no hint of people looking over my shoulder and stealing my details, yet still Tesco prevents me from using my account in the manner I wish to.

    Is there an option to switch off these automated timeouts, or extend them to, say, 1 hour, so one can gets one's work done in peace without all these repeated timeouts?
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    @matchmade Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    I completely understand how frustrating this is but, unfortunately, it's a security measure that can't be changed or extended. Sorry for any disappointment this causes.

    However, I will pass your comments along to the Customer Insights team.

    Thanks for your comments! 😊

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

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    @ChristopherP Thank you for replying, but my piffling little comment won't count for anything and will just be binned and seen as insignificant compared with all the people who don't complain. I do not get this timeout problem with my Lloyds and NatWest bank accounts, unless I really do nothing for a significant amount of time. Have the people who run the Tesco CC and impose these draconian "security" measures, a.k.a. "make life unnecessarily difficult for customers" measures, do any benchmarking against other providers/ Can they prove that a longer timeout actually results in measureable and significant increases in fraud? Have they done any user-testing with real people, not just for basic tasks like checking the account and paying the bill, but for tasks like mine, or a small business' with multiple transactions, who want to do their accounts? Because I would like to know why the timeout is so quick compared to everyone else.

    Thank you