Why do I get an email saying my statement is ready when it isn't?

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    At 10:32 this morning I received an email from Tesco Bank saying "Your latest monthly statement for your Tesco Bank Credit Card ending ???? is now available in Online Banking ....". Now at just after 22:00, the statement is still not available via online banking.

    It is most frustrating to log in and find out that the email was wrong.

    I had a similar issue last month when the email arrived on the 20th of the Month, but the statement was dated for the 21st. However, on that occasion I didn't log in to get the statement until a couple of days later.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    I haven't checked using the mobile App as a recent change or bug in the App makes it abominably slow. While waiting for the App to get me into my account, I can boot my desktop PC and log in with a browser before the App gets there. I, and several others, have raised this as separate questions over the last few weeks.
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