How do I deposit Cash into my tesco clubcard pay + account

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    How do I deposit Cash into my tesco clubcard pay + account.
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    @AGACCOUNT Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    You can't deposit cash in as it's an online account, I'm afraid.
    To top up your Clubcard Pay+ account log in to the Tesco Bank Mobile App, select the 'Top Up' button then 'Add money', enter the amount you want to top up and then select the bank you want to top up from.

    Once you confirm the amount and paying Bank, you will be directed to the app for the bank account you are topping up from to complete the transaction.

    If your bank does not show in the list of available banks then you can complete a bank transfer using your sort code and account number for your Clubcard Pay+ account from the other account you are paying the funds from.

    Clubcard Pay+ doesn’t allow:

    • Direct Debits
    • Standing Orders
    • International transfers in or out of the account
    • Sending of CHAPS payments
    • Use of Cheques or Bankers drafts
    • In store banking

    I hope this helps.

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