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    Hello, As of the 6th May 2024, I had a statement which included a payment of £48.32 which I hadn’t made yet.
    On the 6th May, I made this payment and in my transactions it shows that I have paid this and that it has gone out of my bank account, however, my statement balance is still £48.32 and I am still being asked for a minimum payment of £25 by the 31st May.
    whilst I am aware that things can take time to clear or update, I am concerned that when my new statement comes in I will be asked to pay this again, I’m just wondering if anyone can help with this or tell me how this works as I may have got this wrong totally.
    thank you in advance, Jonah Lunn.
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    @Jlunn19 Hey there thanks for getting in touch.

    Due to a recent change we've made on the mobile app when you log in now the minimum payment information will always be displayed.

    If you've already made the minimum payment then please don't worry, there's nothing further you need to do.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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