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    On 8th May I used my Tesco credit card on a Tesco Grocery Order (£108.15)

    On 12th May I made a payment to Tesco Bank of £108.15

    My Tesco Bank online summary on the website shows this payment, but I also have a pending transaction for £108.15

    I've called Tesco twice. The first reply was that it would disappear. I didn't. The second confirmed the payment has gone through and that it must be a system glitch and it 'might' go away.

    Just noticed that although my card is fully paid off, this pending transaction means I've to make a minimum payment soon.

    Any ideas how to get rid of it? Tesco Technical Support do not!
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    Hey, thanks for getting in touch!

    I appreciate this is frustrating but we're not able to remove pending transactions, I'm afraid. Duplicate transactions generally drop out of pending within 7 days (with one payment being taken). If the payment is charged twice to the account, then you would need to contact the merchant directly to arrange a refund.

    I hope you got this all sorted!

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