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    Hi there.

    I noticed a late payment fee tonight on the Tesco app for my credit card. My payment was due yesterday, so I immediately paid via Faster Payments and also set up a Direct Debit. I usually pay manually when I get paid each month so I can adjust the amount, but lesson learnt!

    I unintentionally paid twice during my last statement period because of the way the dates fell. I got paid on the 26th April last month (2 days early) which is when I made a payment, but as my April statement was generated on the 27th, the payment fell into the previous statement period so I have two payments on my last statement.

    As my next statement hasn't been issued yet, it should get issued on the 27th May (or perhaps 28th because of the bank holiday?), will this missed payment appear on my credit file? I read online some lenders have grace periods or do not report if the payment still reaches your account by the next generated statement, and as I've now made the payment (albeit a day late, possibly two by the time it appears) is it likely to be reported to credit reference agencies?

    I called Tesco Customer Services and they helpfully checked with another team who said it wouldn't be reported, but couldn't provide any additional details. So I wanted to ask the community to double check. They also confirmed my promotional rate wouldn't be removed, which was also a concern.

    Thank you for any advice you can give. Direct Debit now in place to avoid this happening again!
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    Following this, I've now noticed some soft credit searches (Affordability, Identity Check, General Insurance, Quotation Search) from LexisNexis on the same day I called Tesco Customer Services. Could this be linked, or just a coincidence? I haven't conducted any recent insurance searches or used comparison sites, so wondering if this is something that Tesco searched when I called to ask for advice.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/info offered.
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    @newzealand93 Hey, these searches won't be related to your call with us.

    As you paid before your statement was produced, this won't appear on your report and your 0% period won't be affected by this.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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