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    Hello, I have notifications set up on my Tesco banking app and have always paid my credit card on time after being a customer for many many years.

    I didn’t receive the usual notification for this month and missed the payment. I realised four days after the final due date and paid it in full immediately.

    I’m really concerned about getting a mark on my credit record from one missing notification and genuine oversight, in comparison to the years I’ve banked here over multiple credit cards and loans that have always been paid back in full and on time.

    Could I please get some guidance? Many thanks
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    Hey @AC21, thanks for getting in touch 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve not received your monthly notification via the Mobile Bank App.

    To check your notifications, go to your App settings and select ‘Notifications’. Toggle the ‘Account Notifications’ and make sure this is showing as enabled ‘Notifications’.

    If there has been a recent update on your Mobile App, it may have automatically switched this off within notifications.

    I can check if there will be any impact on your account due to the late payment, please send a DM here 😊
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