I keep a keen eye on my balance in the days just before it is due to be paid off (or some of it) and make sure to deposit a little more than enough to pay it off in full. Why? Simple: to avoid paying the extortionate interest rates credit card companies charge.

This month my payment was due on Jun 9, so on Jun7 I subtracted my ‘available credit’ from my total credit sum to see what I owed. Yet again it was more than what the website says my balance is.

But I paid in just a little more than necessary. Yet today, on the evening of Jun 10, my balance is still showing a debit amount despite recording my deposit three days earlier to clear my debit.

What worries me is will Tesco Bank go by its balance figure showing a debit amount and STILL charge me interest?

WHY can’t the bank’s software bod ensure that the balance figure shown is exactly up do date. Is that really beyond their wit? As soon as I buy something with my care, I get a text message saying so. So WHY can’t they also be as fast showing the true balance? It is bloody irritating.

Lads and lasses in the tech department: this is 2024 not 2000! Get it done.