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    My son turned 18 and wants to transfer his Tescos Bank Junior ISA to another provider. He did not receive an end of term statement for his account. His money is no longer visible and has been put into a holding account which is not visible. He has done everything asked of him! He has supplied ID. Been told a security number will be sent to him so he can access his money - after chasing Tescos Bank ... on 2 occasions this has not happened. He has done on-line complaint and had no acknolwedgement or response. They are preventing him from accessing his money which I assume is no longer earning interest. Does anyone have any suggestions about legal timescales or next steps. My son is worried and feeling frustrated at not being able to access his money for University. It is an appalling service!
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    @Redd Hey there, thanks for getting in touch.

    I'm really sorry to hear about this and completely understand your frustration.

    If you ask your son to contact us directly, we'll be able to look into this for him. He can reach the Savings team on 0345 678 5678 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 2pm) and they'll be happy to help.

    You can read more about our complaint timescales and processes here. If he contacts us from his own account here, we'll be able to check if his complaint has been received.

    Apologies for all the inconvenience this is causing.

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

    Also, feel free to Introduce Yourself