How can I query a cash transaction fee on my credit card?

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    I have a Tesco credit card and recently checked my credit report - I have been marked down for having withdrawn cash on my credit card.

    When I've checked my statement I can see a £1.04 'cash transaction fee' but none of my transactions even total an amount that could be withdrawn at a cashpoint, and I recognise all of them as being payments I have made - none involving any sort of cash withdrawal.

    How can I query this and get it wiped from my credit report?
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    @acacia22 Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    When you make a cash transaction, we charge a fee of 3.99% and interest at your standard cash transaction rate. This is from the date of the transaction until the date this cash balance is paid.

    We consider the following types of payments to be cash transactions: gambling transactions, wire/international money transfers, repaying borrowing, purchasing non-Sterling currency outside of Tesco, payments to prepaid or virtual cards, purchasing gift cards, investments, share trading and spread betting.

    Have you made any of those types of payments? If so, you will see interest charged over two statements. The first statement will show the cash transaction fee and the interest from the date of the transaction until the statement came out. The second statement will show interest accounting for the period between the first statement coming out and the balance being paid in full. After this there’d be no more interest applied to this specific transaction.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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